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Cassia Auriculata

Clinical Trials of Cassia Auriculata across the globe on diabetic control

Pubmed, US

Research -1 “Works with Metformine”

Co-administration of CA with MT at varying dose showed a synergistic herb-drug interaction. Thus using the synergistic herb-drug interaction, the dose level of MT may be reduced to produce the same therapeutic effect as when taken alone.

Research -2 “Comparable to glibenclamide”

Cassia auriculata flower extract (CFEt), at doses of 0.15, 0.30 and 0.45 g/kg body weight for 30 days, suppressed the elevated blood glucose and lipid levels in diabetic rats. Cassia auriculata at 0.45 g/kg was found to be comparable to glibenclamide.​

Research -3 “Anti-Oxidative Effect of Cassia auriculata”

A concomitant increase in the antiperoxidative enzymes namely catalase, glutathione peroxidase and superoxide dismutase in serum, liver and kidney of CFP treated diabetic rats was observed. Also, an increase in the non-enzymic antioxidants, vitamin E and reduced glutathione and decrease in ascorbic acid was observed. This indicates that these herbal powders play an important role in scavenging toxic intermediates of incomplete oxidation in the body. Antiperoxidative effect of 200 mg CFP was much more significant than that of 100 mg of CFP.